Real estate marketing is often confused with real estate sales. Several agents mix the sales and marketing activities to capture clients and properties with the following result that it is not very successful.

Expert agents are clear about what real estate marketing is and apply it first to be able to sell real estate easily and quickly.

Let’s see what the difference is between real estate marketing and real estate sales. Marketing is all the activities that a real estate agent carries out, to get and contact their potential clients. The sales are all those actions that a real estate agent implements to convert those potential clients into clients, closing the sale of the property.

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The Real Estate Content Marketing

The real estate marketing of content is to provide your customers with valuable information to help them make a decision on the purchase, sale or rental of any property or property. Quality information that is distributed free of charge before meeting the potential client to build credibility in you as a professional

The Real Estate Marketing Strategy

You need to establish what your strengths and weaknesses are in your market; What media you have available to capture customers and how to use them; Who your competition is and how you can compete with it; Know what the market potential is in your area and what your target audience is.

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You need to establish a personal real estate marketing strategy to make the right decisions. You should not venture to invest in online advertising without first doing this strategic work. And this is where many real estate agents fail. He is in a hurry to sell, and that is why they sell little.

The Video Marketing Real Estate

Video marketing real estate not only refers to presenting your property with a video; But above all, to present on video your real estate service. You’ll see that you get more customers with your videos, corporate and area videos than your videos of real estate. It is more your videos of real estate will not be able to sell the property if they are not supported by your other videos.

The E-mail Marketing Real Estate

Real estate email marketing is more than just writing emails. Real estate agents who have created a continuous flow of information requests use email marketing and auto responders to create databases and message sequences that “guarantee” a percentage of customer request conversions.

The “Branding” Applied to Real Estate Marketing

If you own business, you have it for many years, and of course, you want to increase your fees each year and improve your prestige in the market.

Personal branding has a lot to do with post-sale, with the perception you have of your real estate service and your knowledge of the market.

Increasingly, independent agents tend to specialize in differentiating themselves in the marketplace and improving their branding. Specialize in new housing, offices, reforms, investment, housing 2nd occupation, etc.