Bail Bond Options For Different Sets Of Circumstances

Here are just four different options that could be offered to meet different sets of circumstances. The bailbonds Ventura office, for instance, could be providing you with cash bond, personal recognisances bonds, unsecured bonds and/or secured or property bonds. Let’s quickly summarise what bail bond officials out of offices like Ventura County Bail Bonds might wish to propose to you after reviewing your unique or personal circumstances.

In lieu of the cash bond that may be offered, law enforcement officers may still be reluctant to release an arrestee with a straightforward citation. Should the arrestee not have cash available a third party may be utilised to secure the release. This perhaps is where the bail bond official gets to work on behalf of the arrestee should no third party come forward to be of assistance. In lieu of personal recognisances bonds, the court is prepared to release the arrestee almost as a sign of good faith.

In cases like these, the court has been given some kind of reassurance that the arrestee is going to meet his obligation to appear in court at the times agreed to. They have been assured that he will do so until such time that the court case is finally closed whereby the arrestee will have been declared guilty or innocent. An unsecured bond is similar in the sense that no monies now need to be paid to secure the arrestee’s release.

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But in a case like this, would the direct or indirect intervention of a bail bonds official been a good idea, short of having a legal representative to assist the arrestee. At all times, the arrestee still needs to be treated fairly and he is always still innocent until proven guilty.