trendy-baby-clothes-with-cotton-fabric-materialIt’s a common mistake for mothers to want to bundle up their children as snugly and as warmly as they can when they go outside, and that is especially true when the weather is just a bet on the nippy side. It’s understandable that they want their baby to be warm enough and not catch a cold, but there is a problem with over-bundling or over-layering as well.
If newborns have on too many layers, they can get too warm and become sleepy. They may also be uncomfortable and even hypoglycemic and may not eat a much as they are supposed to since they will be sleeping so much. Its better to keep their layering light so they can be awake and as active as possible. Newborns can’t move around yet, so being awake is the only real activity they can do, and parents should be doing what they can to help their baby have that awake time.
A quick rule of thumb for layering newborns when going out and about is to put on them the same number of layers as on the parent, plus a light blanket to wrap them in. That should be all they need most of the time. If mommy only has one single layer, then baby only needs a single layer. The added blanket will provide all the extra comfort and warmth the baby has to have to stay warm wherever they go with their parents.
Newborn boy clothes and newborn girl clothes are not something that has to be bought in bulk so that the baby can be layered and over-layered. Parents can buy a minimal amount and be just fine and not have to worry that their baby will be warm enough. Just following the simple rule of matching layers to the parents and adding a blanket is enough protect the child from the elements will be enough.
Of course, newborns will need their head covered when going outside, at least for their first few weeks of life. Whether the parent has a hat on or not, the baby should have their head covered. Parents can also feel the child and see if he or she feels cold. They should check the extremities first to make that determination.
When searching for the right newborn clothes for their child, parents can use online resources like newborn boy clothes to find some great selections at reasonable prices and save money on the clothes their child needs.