Tasks A Cleaning Service May Need To Do

As a company who specializes in cleaning there are going to be some specific tasks that you will offer in your packages and some things that may need to be added or subcontracted out.  For many commercial cleaning services in San Diego, CA this is the way in which they operate, and it should be known before you hire them.

Empty trash

The first thing that all cleaning companies will need to do is empty trash.  This means going into bathrooms, offices and into public trash receptacles in their company’s area.  When they empty the trash, they will need to replace the lining in the cans and ensure that the dumpsters don’t overflow.

Sweeping and mopping

As a janitor you are responsible for keeping the floors clean and safe.  A part of this is to use a broom to sweep up dirt and items that have been tossed to the ground.  Also, depending on the type of floor available you may need to vacuum and mop. 

These are very important and need to be done daily and multiple times a day.  If you don’t keep the floors clean, then it looks bad for the company and or business you are working for.  People judge a business by the floors.

Minimum repairs

This can be different for each company you work for, but in general a janitor will be responsible for doing some basic repairs around the building. This means fixing lights, broken doors and anything that shows general wear and tear.  Other tasks may include painting and installation work.

Again, these tasks may be outsourced out to different companies but may also be required of a janitor.


Finally, plumbing or unstopping clogged pipes and fixing leaks may be a part of the janitor’s job.  Beyond that you may have to do lawn care or other services for the specific company.  The job of a janitor is one that can be fully encompassed in many skills.  Knowing how to do most of them will increase your overall value.